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The Ultimate Home Workout For Women

The following are a few simpleĀ exercises that you can do at home that require no specialized other than pauline_nordin_fitness_modelequipment that you may find around your home that you can do to tone up and look great!

The object of the workout should be intensity, so rest no more than two minutes at the end of each circuit before starting the next one.

Other tips: Perform 8-12 repetitions of each exercise (resulting in failure at the last rep), and work up to four to six complete circuits.

Now before you start, you should warm up properly and stretch. Warm-up exercises and stretching are essential to any workout. Both help prepare your muscles and joints for more intense activity. This helps prevent injury, as well as promoting circulation. Warm-up exercises should be done before stretching.

Warm-up exercises increase the temperature of the body, making the muscles more flexible and receptive to strenuous activity. Warming up should slightly increase the heart rate but not to the level experienced during your workout. The warm-up should be intense enough to increase your body temperature but not strenuous enough to cause fatigue. A rule of thumb might be to work hard enough to break a mild sweat.

The following home exercises represent a full range of workout activities. The arm, chest, and shoulder exercises emphasize biceps and triceps, among other muscle groups. The abdominal exercises strengthen the core muscles of the body, trimming your waist and improving posture. Leg exercises strengthen the muscles that allow you to run, jump, and climb stairs; these include the thighs, hip flexors, and

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